If you received a response from support and responded to said response via email since 10/01/2020 we may not have received your response.


This is due to a cron job issue that was not alerted to us via automation settings.


We have taken the following action to resolve this.

  1. Corrected the malformed cron job - this resolves ticket responses sometimes not importing and notifying us of said ticket response.
  2. Looked over current responses and tickets to confirm any extras/lingering responses are responded to.
  3. Set a notification setting for a more clear indication if the import fails to work as expected to ensure we catch this sooner.


We were able to catch this via swift and clear communication from the one and only Rachel C. over at Ella. 


This should now be resolved and ticket responses are working as expected. 


Please continue to be safe, have fun and just have a wicked awesome day in general.


Thanks -


Monday, October 12, 2020

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