Grande Issues 10/14/2020

Grande Communications is experiencing sporadic outages that may result in slow or even no connection for short periods of time. We are monitoring this outage and will send updates if it worsens - otherwise, no news is good news. :)



14th Oct 2020
TIcket system issue notification

If you received a response from support and responded to said response via email since 10/01/2020 we may not have received your response.   This is due to a cron job issue that was not alerted to us via automation settings.   We have taken the following action to resolve this. Corrected the malformed cron job - this resolves ticket ... Read More »

12th Oct 2020
Phone system upgrades and maintenance - Service interruption expected

Upgrades and maintenance to the underlying server running our phone system for a number of the properties will likely cause calls to error/not route to phones.   We plan to do this during low-tide and there should be little to no loss of calls.    Expected downtime: 1-4 hours Time/date: 2am-6am Sunday Oct. 11th   This will stop all ... Read More »

9th Oct 2020
Scheduled Maintenance for Unifi Controller upgrades

Please note within the next 24-48 hours during low operational hours (12am-3am cst), we will be updating the unifi controller.   This should not affect any regular use of the network, however, guests networks may not have the guest portal show up and be in effective use during this down time. If a guest is trying to connect to guest wifi it ... Read More »

14th Aug 2020

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